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CustomWritings.com didn't Meet Expectations

Essay writing services are common these days. As a student, it's sometimes difficult to manage time with all the things that you have to do. You have exams, deadlines, and assignments from different classes. You also have activities outside the classroom such as sports, parties, and dates. As for me, I needed a paper on Human Behaviour for my Psych class. However, I had a big exam coming up and I wanted to focus on it. That's why I looked up online and I found CustomWritings. Is CustomWritings legit? Here's my review on CustomWritings service.


The Company Website

When you visit their site, you'll see that their landing page looks decent. The pages are organized and the sections are clear. However, I noticed that their font was a bit small and it was hard to read some parts. Some buttons were unresponsive as well but I just assumed that I had poor connection at that time. I looked up CustomWritings reviews online but I could not find a credible review. That is why I decided to try their service.

Their Pricing

When I looked at their pricing schemes, it seems to be misleading. There are parts of the page where it says you can get a paper for $10. However, in the Order Section says the lowest price you can pay is $13. That's just unfair if you ask me and it more sounds like a CustomWritings scam. It tricks the customer to paying more than what they promised. The range of prices for the Undergraduate papers is $13 to $37 while for Post Graduates, the range is $22 to $48. These all depend on deadline dates.

Customer Support

I am not satisfied with the level of their customer support. After I ordered my essay, I was trying to reach them through their live chat feature. When I click on the button, a page pops up but it just asks me to wait for the next operator. I waited for more than 15 minutes before someone responded. I wanted to change my order because my deadline moved to an earlier date. Sadly, they could not accommodate my request. Now, I understand why I can't find a decent review on CustomsWriting anywhere.

CustomWritings Reviews

There has been a combination of good and bad review on CustomsWriting. The quality of their work seems to be inconsistent. Maybe if you're lucky enough to get a good writer on your paper, then you'll get a passing grade. However, there seems to be several unhappy customers who rejected their essays.

Their Writers

According to their site, they administer a four hour online test before hiring a writer. Based on the reviews I read, they have inconsistent writers. If you think about it, anyone can cheat on an online test. You can simply ask another person to do it for you or ask Google for help. Aside from that, if you want to preview a writer's work, you first have to pay $5 for it. Why would you have to pay to check for the quality of the paper that you're going to get? You already paid for it. Quality should be guaranteed in the first place.

The Verdict

I would not recommend this service to my classmates and friends. I encountered many problems and inconveniences when I transacted with them. The paper that I got almost didn't get a passing grade. I had to do some changes myself. That's supposed to be their job, right? Is CustomsWriting legit? Yes, they can do the work for you but you should not expect the best results. Would I say that CustomsWriting is a scam? No, not at all but I wouldn't trust them with my money.

Due to low quality score for CustomWritings.com company, we would recommend you to choose another academic writing company.

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