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I found a job lately and was working really hard for last couple months. Hard enough to get in a troubles with my college. I have almost lost my scholarship! I had some success with the language classes, passed my literature classes. I had only history of literature left when heard about losing the scholarship. I had a tough week at work, and one day when I got home, I realized that it’s only one day left until the deadline for my essay for the history of literature.


I tried to write something, but just couldn’t. I was tired, upset and almost let my thoughts about the scholarship fade away… but my friend has recommended one site that helped me to save the time. And much more, this website helped me to save my scholarship! So now, in this EssayBison.com review I will share my experience with you!

When I saw this site for the first time…

First, I thought that this is just another EssayBison.com scam. I mean, I was afraid about it. I knew there are just two variants: this is a scam or this is a miracle. Because the price for their work was that low, which I wasn’t even excepting for that, my 3-pages essay for just $9 for page! The very first thing that conquered me – the writer’s personal review. Really, that’s cool. The website’s design made me love it from the couple scrolls on the page. I strongly decided to order an EssayBison.com essay. And that was the most right decision that I’ve ever made.

How it was for me?

So, it was fast. I didn’t expect it to be that fast.

EssayBison.com review

I’ve chosen the essay’s topic, the deadline date. I left the comment about the work I want to see and that’s all! I mean, the registration process was finished when I entered my e-mail. Next I needed to choose the writer. I stopped at one really nice guy. He was from Britain. It was nice to discuss the topic with him. A very smart person, I wish we would talk someday again. So less time left till the deadline, but the writer said this is not that hard how it seems. I was calm.

While he was working at my essay I decided to check how customer service works. I just opened the chat window and that I worry about my essay. I got a message just in 2 seconds. Like that person already knew that I will write him. He settled me down too, just like the writer did it before. I was calm, really calm. I trusted those people. They are professionals. I received my ready paper in the morning. Which means the writer was working on it at night. That pleasured me. I got A+ for that essay. Thank you, EssayBison.com.

EssayBison.com review

So, here is my opinion about this website:

  • It’s design, it’s simplicity just conquers.
  • Several ways to pay the order. Fast registration. Lots of topics to choose what you need.
  • There are so many writers!
  • The work process is really fast.

I would use EssayBison.com again when I will need qualified help!

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