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EssayonTime Missed the Target

Since ordering essays online seems to be the trend these days, I decided to try one for myself. Since I am busy with other activities outside school, I decided to order an essay for my Philosophy class from EssayonTime.com. At first, I asked if EssayonTime is legit. That’s why I looked for reviews on EssayonTime and see where it leads me.


What Other People Say

I found that there are a number of reviews on EssayonTime. However, I didn’t trust them. They seem to be planted reviews because comments are exaggerated. Some reviews were neutral. In the end, I simply went with it because I really needed to get the paper done on time.


To be honest, the homepage seems to be old school and traditional. Their design scheme is not enticing at all. It’s simple and straight to the point. Simple is sometimes equated to boring and now their credibility is in question. There’s also a lot of text placed on the homepage alone. The spacing of the elements also needs improvement. I wonder why EssayonTime reviews did not discuss this in detail.

Pricing Scheme

I must say that the pricing scheme for EssaysonTime is quite high compared to others I’ve looked at. Their cheapest paper is $21.99 and that has a timeframe of 10 days. If you want a paper within 24 hours, the rate is $31.99. There’s also a rate for a paper that is due in 3 hours. I wonder how they could pull that one off. You have to pay a steep price of $43.99 for that.

Services Offered

By browsing around their site after I signed in, I learned that they could write many kinds of papers including academic papers, admission papers, dissertations, and other kinds of assignments. It seems that they could write on about anything that you ask for. However, how can I be sure of the quality if they don’t specialize on one kind of paper?

Customer Service

After I ordered my paper, I had some problems with it so I decided to contact their customer support. I was pleased to see that they had live chat support. However, after I clicked on it, the agent who was supposed to help me never responded back. I had to restart my browser to check if I have some connection issues. The live chat still didn’t work. I didn’t read about this when I looked up EssayonTime reviews. I was disappointed.

The Output

In the end, I spent my own time editing and revising the paper for the minor grammar and punctuation errors. While some reviews on EssayonTime mentioned that there were minor details that were overlooked, I didn’t expect that it would happen to me as well. If you ask me, I would not order from EssayonTime again and I’ll just try another service.

Due to low quality score for EssayOnTime.com company, we would recommend you to choose another academic writing company.

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