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EssayPro Papers did not Meet Standards

Schoolwork always piles up one way or another. This situation is hard to avoid especially for graduating students. There are a lot of requirements to submit with so little time. As a senior, I am constantly struggling for time. I found out about EssayPro by doing a search online. To see if EssayPro is legit, I looked up EssayPro reviews in the different search engines. It would seem that a lot of people know about this service because reviews on EssayPro can be found on a lot of sites.


What Students Say

The EssayPro reviews that I found on their site are all positive. I believe these are biased reviews because they are, in fact, posted on their own site. They would never post something negative about their service. Now, we can't really say if their service is really good, until we try it out ourselves. Since I need a review on The Iliad, I decided to try out their service.


There is no page dedicated to their pricing scheme on their website. This is not a good sign for me. As a student, I don’t have a lot of money. I still have to rely on my parents. Of course, I can’t ask money from them and tell them that I’ll be paying for a writing service. EssayPro only gave me a price quote after I ordered a single page Undergraduate paper. They charged me $21.99.


EssayPro claims to have the top experts in their team of writers. They say that all their writers have advanced degrees in their fields. Well, my field is Literature and it would really be a big help if I can get someone with an advanced degree in Literature to write my paper.

Customer Service

EssayPro says that they are available to respond to all my queries 24 hours a day. I am wondering if this is true. I tried contacting them around 9 in the evening and there was no response. I wanted to change something about my order. I wasn't able to do so. The next day, I tried their email service but there was still no reply. Live chat seems to be automated because the responses seem to sound like a template.

The Actual Paper

I asked for a critical book review and I got was a paper that lacked meaning and substance. The review did not cover the major plot holes and character development. For me, the paper seemed generic. Surely, I won't be ordering any papers from them anytime soon. I'll just look for some other essay writing service online.

Due to low quality score for EssayPro.com company, we would recommend you to choose another academic writing company.

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