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EvolutionWriters Lacked Inspiration

When you’re a student, time management is probably not one of your strong suits. There’s so many activities that you want to get involved in. There’s a school play, a football game, and a cheerleading competition that you want to watch. Of course, don’t forget about the academic requirements such as exams and school projects. With such a busy schedule, essay writing services do come in handy for me. I’m currently a senior at a prominent school. I needed a paper on Greek Mythology. I looked for reviews on EvolutionWriters on Google to see if they are legit. At first, I asked if EvolutionWriters is a scam. I’m glad I found some reliable EvolutionWriters reviews.


What People Say

Generally, EvolutionWriters reviews are positive. Many users have given their testimonials. However, you can’t really trust everything you read online. The reviews might be fake and just a scheme of the people from EvolutionWriters. To verify if their service is good, I ordered an article from them.

The Company Site

The company site looked okay. There are images and some helpful sections to further inform potential customers like me. However, I think the page generally lacked color. It was mostly white so it’s plain. The font is also simple and the text size is small. Reviews on EvolutionWriters did not cover this aspect.

Pricing Plan

EvolutionWriters has a pricing scheme that varies depending on the level of your paper. You can choose from undergraduate level to professional level. I find it confusing and misleading because how can one differentiate between undergraduate, bachelor, and professional. First of all, all their papers should be professionally written. There’s also a category for Admission Help, which costs almost double the professional rate. The lowest price you can pay is $9.97 for an undergraduate paper that has a deadline of 14 days. The highest price you can pay would be $197 for an Admission Help paper that is due in 3 hours. The shorter the deadline, the higher you pay.

Customer Support

The website says they are reachable 24 hours a day. I am just wondering if this is true because I was trying to reach them around 9 in the evening and I could not get in touch with them. I wanted to clarify something about my order at that time. It was really urgent and critical.

The Paper Quality

After getting my order, I was not satisfied at all. There were key points that are missing in the paper. These points are essential if I wanted to have high grades. I asked for a free revision but it was too late. The deadline has passed and I got penalized for not making the deadline. Next time, I would try other essay writing services.

Due to low quality score for EvolutionWriters.com company, we would recommend you to choose another academic writing company.

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