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MasterPapers didn’t Master Writing

I’m currently on my senior year in College and I’m looking forward to graduation. However, there’s this one bump on the road for me. One of my classes required me to write a book review on a foreign masterpiece. I’m never interested in reading books. Besides, our exams are coming in a couple of weeks so I’d rather prepare for that than write a paper on a boring book. That’s why I searched online for custom essay writing services. To my surprise, I found reviews on MasterPapers that seem to be good. I needed to know first if MasterPapers is a scam or if if MasterPapers is legit.



According to their site users, MasterPapers does deliver the goods. However, I cannot verify the authenticity of the reviews of those users. Those MasterPapers reviews could just be planted reviews to promote the site. In any case, I still wanted to try them out for myself. I badly needed this custom essay writing service because the paper is due in a week.


When looking at their site, you could see that they are professional. Their design is sleek and has clear sections. But, I just noticed that the font size of the text is quite small. Since I’m just using my small laptop to browse, I had a harder time reading the text on their website. The site buttons and navigation bars do work fine. The page also has images to support the sections and text.

Pricing Scheme

Sadly, I could not find their pricing scheme anywhere on their site. This is frustrating for me because I only have a set budget for this paper. I needed to know if their service is within my budget range. This is quite inconvenient for me. I believe other site visitors would feel the same as well. I still proceeded in ordering my paper in the hopes that I can avail of their discount system.

Customer Service

They seem to have good customer support since they says you can call them up 24 hours a day 7 days a week. I don’t believe this to be true because when I was calling them in the middle of the night, no one was answering. There is a live chat feature but it seemed like I was chatting with a computer because the responses were automated. MasterPapers reviews did indicate something like this might happen.

The Result

When I received my paper after 5 days, I was surprised to see that the review was not organized. The ideas are not supported throughout the article. I wasn’t happy so I contacted them. I told them to revise my paper the soonest because the deadline is coming up. Rest assured that I won’t be dealing with them again.

Due to low quality score for MasterPapers.com company, we would recommend you to choose another academic writing company.

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