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PaperHelp.org did Not Help at All

Not everyone can write and most students dread any kind of writing task or assignment. It’s tedious and it takes a lot of time. As a student, we only have limited time to do the things that we want to do. We want to party. We want to go out with friends. We want to try new things. Writing papers is on the least of our priorities. That’s why when we were asked to write on Greek Thinkers. I immediately thought of getting help from an essay writing service. I looked up reviews on PaperHelp.org. I should know if PaperHelp.org is legit or if PaperHelp.org is a scam. I don’t want to throw my money away.


Customer Reviews

Many PaperHelp.org reviews online say that the service is professional and good. Many customers are satisfied with their paper. However, these reviews could just be part of a marketing strategy of PaperHelp.org. There’s no way to know if the reviews were just made up or paid for by the essay writing service.

Their Website

When you visit their site, it has a modern design that looks good. The color scheme is also decent. Section headings can easily be located and navigation can be done with ease. However, some parts of the website have small text. This is a bit irritating for me because I don’t have healthy eyes. I had a bit of a hard time in reading some parts of their website.


I was a bit surprised to find out that their prices are low when compared to other services. For an Undergraduate paper, you’ll only pay $9.97 with a turnaround time of 2 weeks (14 days). However, if you need help writing an Admission paper, then that’s a different thing. You will have to pay $41 to be completed in 14 days. If you’re in a hurry, don’t worry. There’s an option to shorten the completion time. If the deadline is in one day, you can order a paper for $25 and get the paper in 24 hours.

Customer Online Support

The site claims to have online support around the clock. I think this is not true because I tried contacting them sometime at dawn and there was no one responding. I wanted to ask something about my paper because I needed to clarify some points in the article.

The Verdict

The paper was good but it was lacking. There were some useful content but some information is missing. I could not submit the paper. I had to do most of the work to make it complete. I should try other essay writing services next time.

Due to low quality score for PaperHelp.org company, we would recommend you to choose another academic writing company.

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