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UnemployedProfessors Lacks Quality in Content

When you’re at school, you’re bombarded with exams and papers. Sometimes, it’s really hard to balance time between the two. If you’re writing, then you can’t be studying for that exam. If you’re getting ready for that exam while buried in books, you can’t finish that term paper due tomorrow. Good thing that essay writing services online are available. I looked up reviews on UnemployedProfessors online and they seem to be generally positive. This got me excited to try them out.


Their Website

While the name of their company is really interesting, their website is quite the opposite. They have a dull website filled with caricatures that are not pleasing to the eyes. The design of their site seems to lack in many ways. The texts that they used in all their pages are very informal, and some are even offensive. There’s even a page joking about referring a friend while getting laid in the process. If you are a serious business, you would not put that out there. I started to question if UnemployedProfessors is legit. This is why I decided to write my own UnemployedProfessors review.

The Writers

As their business name implies, they are just hiring professors who have their own classes. They claim to have professors with advanced degrees. However, I think this is not true. I ordered a paper to see if UnemployedProfessors is legit. I have a class on Microbiology and I need a scientific paper written. I was very disappointed with the result because it didn’t follow the proper format of a scientific paper.


UnemployedProfessors has an online discussion board that they claim is open 24/7. However, what if your chosen writer is on a different timezone than yours? He or she will only be able to respond to your queries when it’s his/her daytime. This is an inconvenience on my part, as a customer.

Payment Scheme

For an online business, it’s disappointing that the only payment option they have is payment through Paypal. If you think about it, not everyone has a Paypal account. This is an inconvenience for those people who don’t have time to sign up for Paypal. They should consider expanding to other payment options if they want to reach a wider audience. I wonder why UnemployedProfessors reviews didn’t mention this annoying fact.


UnemployedProfessors may have a unique name but the output lacks quality. The paper I ordered did not a follow the proper format that I was looking for. I had to redo most of the headings and ended up spending more time on it than I should have. Some reviews on UnemployedProfessors already warned me that this could happen. I should have listened to them and simply tried another writing service.

Due to low quality score for UnemployedProfessors.com company, we would recommend you to choose another academic writing company.

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